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Version 3.2.1: June, 2003

Weapons Defences Miscellaneous Alien Genre WotW/SUS

Here are collected weapon and other system concepts from known space and history. It is not fully comprehensive, but it is an ongoing effort to record ideas presented on the web and to the GZG-list in a single place. All these rules are for Full Thrust 2.5 (Full Thrust 2 + More Thrust + Fleet Books 1 & 2).Please forgive the mixed UK/US spelling conventions.

Special Thanks to Charles Taylor for most of the Archive's icon and graphic designs - most are based on symbols used in Fleet Books 1 and 2 designed by Simon & Tim Parnell.

New for 3.2.1 [June, 2003]
New for 3.2 [April 2003]
Change Log

The Following color codes are used with reasonable consistency throughout the archive:

Systems/Rules that may be balanced but still need playtesting are in blue.
Systems/Rules believed (consensus) to be balanced and validated are in green.
Systems/Rules with balance problems (in my or others' opinions) are in red.
Genre Weapons/Systems are in Orange. Use of these may seriously affect play balance.
Unevaluated systems are in black.
Places where I fill in missing information are in brown.
WotW/SUS #n -Discussed in GZG-L as a Weapon of the Week- changed to System Under Scrutiny to denote irregularity.

Weapons Section Heading

(Subcategories are by PSB/description, not by mechanic, since many weapons have hybrid mechanics and can't easily be pigeon-holed)

A3D, Cutter Beam; Enhanced Beam Batteries; Gatling Battery; Gatling Phaser; Graviton Beam; Heavy Beam Battery; Heavy Beam System; H.E.T. Laser; Laser Weapons; Meson Flechette; Meson Gun; Multi-Use Beams; Needle Beams Extended; Plasma Cannon; Twin Particle Array;
Blinder Missile; EMP Mine; EMP Missiles; Ion Cannon—Type 1; Ion Cannon—Type 2; Ion Pulse Cannon; Ion Pulse Weapon; Neutralizer; Plasma Torpedo; Powerleech Missile; Scrambler Pulse; Temporal Distortion Gun;
Earth Alliance Railgun; Flechette CQM; Fragment Cloud; Matter Cannon; Sniper Gun;
Minefields; Mines in Fleet Book; ASKS; Bomb-Pumped Laser Mine; Cluster Mine; EMP Mine; Gravitic Mine; Heavy Mine; Nova Mine; Strategic Defence Mine; Submunitions Pack Mine;
AFHAWKS; Blinder Missile; C+ Cannon; ECM Missile; EMP Salvo Missile; Energy Mine; FTL Emergence Missile; FTL Exit Missile; Gunge Missile; Hyperspace Torpedo; Jammer/Decoy Missile; Missile Speed; MT Missile System; Nannite Missile; Needle Missile; Nova Salvo Missile; Orbital Artillery Missile; Planetary Defence Missile; Powerleech Missile; Submunition Missile; Targeting Beacon; Torpedo/M;
Spinal Mount
Bobbler/Stasis Projector; C+ Cannon; Enhanced Beam Batteries; Expanding Plasma Bolt Launcher; Heavy Beam Battery; Ion Pulse Cannon; M.A.D. Generator; Nova Cannon Updated; Spatial Discontinuity Cannon; Wave Beam; Wave Gun Updated; Wavefront Energy Field;
Classed Pulse Torpedo; Disruptor; Electrically Charged Plasma Torpedo; Fusion Flare; Fusion Torpedo; Hellbore; Hyperspace Torpedo; Long Range Pulse Torpedo; Nannite Torpedo; NIF Torpedo; Nuclear Torpedo; Photon Cannon; Plasma Torpedo (SFB); Plasma Torpedo (SF); Pulse Autocannon; Pulse Cannon; Short Range Pulse-Torpedo; Single Shot Torpedo; Stutter Torpedo;
Other Weapons
Beam Bridge; Classed Beam Bridge; E/M Sabot; Classed E/M Sabot; Garrotte; Grav Buoy; Mind Control Laser; Probability Wave; Psi Wave; Resonance Field; Singularity Projector; Temporal Distortion Gun; Tractor Beam

Defences Section Heading

Interweaved Superconducting Armour;
Blind Field; Cloaking Node; Cloaking Shroud; Holofield; Jammer; Stealth Mechanics; Stealth Hull; Stealth Jitterbug; Stealth Node; Stealth Shroud; Stealth System;
AFHAWKS; Area Defence System; Defence Drone Pack; Interceptors; MRIMS; Missile Defence System; Patriot ADAF; Programmable PDS Modes; Rapier ADAF; Salvo Missile Interception Mode;
Damage Shield; Globular Shield; Gravitic Shield; Holofield; Kinetic Shield; Matter/Energy Shield; Pinpoint Shield; Shield Projector; Void Shield;
Other Defences
Decoys; Stealth Hull;

Miscellaneous Systems Section

Afterburners; Civilian FTL Drive; Grav Spindle Drive; Main Drive/Maneuver Splittling; Shröedinger's Hammer Overdrive;
Agile Fighter; Bomber; Breakoff/Feint; Customisable Fighters; Drone/A.I. Fighter; Fighter Missiles; Fighter Speed; Genre Fighters; Kra'Vak Fighters; Light Fighter; Multimode Fighter; Needle Fighter; Parasite Fighter Rack; Phalon Fighters; Planet-Based Fighter Group; Pulse Cannon Fighters; Scout Fighter; Spotter Fighter; Starburst Attack; Stealth Fighter; Strike Bomber;
Fire Control
Advanced Defence Targeting Control; Dedicated Fire Control; Grav Compensation Fire Control; Long Range Defence Fire Control; Structural Analyzer; Sustained Fire; Targeting Lidar;
Corkscrew; Dead Rotate; Eclipsing; Emergency Deceleration; Emergency Turn; Extreme Manoeuvres; Flip; FTL Rules Revision; Grav Backfire; Hard About; Post-Movement Manoeuvers; Redlined Engines; Short-Range Jump; Sideslip; Skid; 
Broadside Arcs; Core Systems; Fighter/Missile Speed; Fixed Mount Fire Arcs; Focused Fire; High Resolution  Full Thrust; Hull Costs; Internal Damage; Meteor Swarms; Maximalization/Miniaturization; Ortillery Anti-ship Mode; Raking Fire; Spread; Threshold Alternatives; Variable Number of Hull Rows; Vector Turn-Integrated Firing; Weak Arcs;

Alien Technology Section

Fragment Cloud; Grav Buoy; Kra'Vak Fighters; Sniper Gun;
Cloaking Node; Deployable Armour; Power Pool Use; Seeker; Stealth Node;
Sa’Vasku Pods
Assimilation/Boarding; Burst; Burster; Electronic Warfare; EMP(2 versions); FTL Scrambler; Gas; Gunge; Hammer; Mine; Needle; Parasite;
Cloaking Shroud; Phalon Fighters; Stealth Shroud;
 Devourers; Glacdu; Horocca; Narpo; P'taah; Shlandarsh; Strays; Weijen

Genre Technologies Section

Babylon 5
Earth Alliance Railgun; Energy Mine (B5W); Energy Mine (EFSB); Fighters; Heavy Beam Weapon; Interceptor Arrays; Mimbari Jammer; Lasers; Plasma Cannon; Pulse Cannon; Twin Particle Array;
Star Trek
Disruptor; Fighters; Gatling Phaser; Hellbore; Multi-Use Beams;
Star Wars
Fighters; Gravity Well Projector; Ion Cannon;
Other Genre
Battlestar Galactica Fighters; Blind Field; Effector; Holofield; Mecha Fighters; Plasma Torpedo; Space: Above and Beyond Fighters; Starblazers Fighters; Vortex Torpedo;

Weapons of the Week/Systems Under Scrutiny (GZG-L discussions):
Semi-regular discussions on the GZG-L mailing list attempt to hash out and balance individual systems or groups of similar systems. Sometimes a consensus is reached. Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree.
  1. Antimatter Salvo Missile (Feb 2001). Consensus reached.
  2. EMP Weapons EMP Weapons discussion never came to consensus between "shipwide" and "n-system" thresholds and "random" vs. "firer or target picks order" for n-system checks. It was agreed that getting EMP better understood and generalized would be a good thing, but the list discussions of February 2001 were not able to do it.
  3. Needle Beams (Feb-March 2001). Several workable systems, as well as Kra'Vak, Sa’Vasku, and Phalon equivalents reached reasonable consensus.
  4. Railguns (Mid March 2001) Railguns were generally thought to be simplest as K- guns with different PSB, though a few systems with different mechanics were proposed.
  5. AFHAWKS (Late March 2001) Mostly tweaks on an anti-fighter SML.
  6. Targeting Lidar (March/April 2001) PSB discussion mostly.
  7. Holofield (April 2001) Heavily revamped by discussion into an expensive screen vs. nearly everything.
  8. Gatling weapons: Gatling Battery, Gatling Phaser, Meson Flechette, Twin Particle Array (April-May 2001). Minor tweaks to most. These weapons work well as Pulsers and/or Beam combinations.
  9. Beam Bridge, E/M Sabot (May 2001) Debate about balance and costing, alternates proposed.
  10. Damage Shields (June 2001)
  11. Stealth systems (July+ 2001) Various.
  12. Mines (November 2001). Though I personally hate mines, list members who don't have revived some discussion about them.
  13. SV Seekers (December 2001). Jaime Tiampo's SV missile-like system sparked much debate.
  14. Wave Gun (March 2002). Adam and Charles playtest of Wave Guns inspired some developments
  15. Tractor Beams (September-October 2002) Introduction of Tractor Beam and associated systems to FB2+ Full Thrust


Systems listed below are just cut and pasted from the source and have not yet been categorized.Pre-Fleet Book designs will probably be dropped if I can't come up with a quick adaptation to FT2.5



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