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[B5Wars conversion by Clint Kozell/Corye Seale] (Corye's web page)

This weapon is found in the Genre: Babylon 5 section.


[Noam Izenberg]

Flechette Close Quarters Munitions (FCQM) are a one-shot weapon system with some similarities to Kra'Vak scatterguns, except that their projectile composition and spread are designed to flay heavy armour, rather than as a point defence weapon.

When used against a ship, they have a range of 12mu and inflict 1d6 points of damage against the ships armour, while any damage that penetrates to the ships hull is halved (round up), thus if the ship is unarmoured, then it takes only 1-3 points of damage. Against Phalon shell armour, the damage is applied to the topmost row first.

If the target ship has any special sensors they are disabled on a roll of 5-6 on a D6.

The FCQM can be used as a point defence weapon, but it is not as effective as a scattergun (except against heavy fighters and plasma bolts), in point defence mode it has a range of 6mu, and each shot will destroy 1d6/2 (round up) fighters or salvo missiles. Against MT missiles, each shot will kill a missile on a roll of 4+ on a D6. Against plasma bolts it has the same effect as a scattergun. It can be used as an area-defence weapon, however, it suffers the same chance of 'friendly fire as a scattergun (see Fleet Book 2 page 10).

Note that whatever mode a FCQM is fired in, each can only be used once per scenario, and the icons should be crossed off after use.

The FCQM has a MASS of 1, and costs 5 points.

Icon:    Flechette Close Quarters Munitions


[Charles] I added the effects against Phalon shell armour, plasma bolts, and area-defence usage extrapolated from the scattergun description in Fleet Book 2. One other question, is it a 1 arc weapon, or 6 arc?


[Charles Stanley Taylor] (via e-mail)

This weapon is found in the Aliens: Kra'Vak section.


[Charles Taylor] (version 3.0 update)

This weapon is found in the Genre: Babylon 5 section.


[Charles Stanley Taylor] (via e-mail) WotW #3

This weapon is found in the Aliens: Kra'Vak section.

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