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[Charles Stanley Taylor] (via e-mail)

This weapon, a development of the Multiple Kinetic Penetrator weapon, is the Kra’Vak equivalent of the minelayer system. Like a minelayer, it is only fitted to fire into the ships aft (A) fire arc.

OPTION: if you are using the vector movement system, it can be mounted to fire through any arc, however, the firing ship must apply some thrust through that arc on the turn that it is fired.

A Fragmentation Cloud Dispenser (FCD) is a one-shot weapon system that creates a 'cloud' of fragments that floats in space. The 'cloud' is laid during the Phase 4) LAUNCH ORDNANCE, in the aft arc of the ship, up to 6 mu away, and is assumed to be stationary (the FCD system fired the fragments backwards with a velocity equal to the ships forward velocity).

Any ship that enters the cloud is affected as if it had entered a meteor swarm or debris field, using the revised rules on meteor swarms (q.v.). The cloud starts small and slowly expands and disperses.

# Turns after laid Diameter Density
1 2 mu 3
2 4 mu 2
3 6 mu 1
4 Dispersed None

The debris cloud created by the FCD is treated just like a meteor swarm of the same density.

The FCD icon is crossed out when it is used.

The FCD requires 1 MASS, and has a points cost of 5.

ICON:    Fragment Dispenser   (alternative)  Fragment Dispenser


[Charles Stanley Taylor] (via e-mail)

This is basically a small gravity generator that is designed to 'shepherd' meteor swarms and keep then in controlled positions. It is one of several Kra’Vak automatic area-denial weapons.

These buoys can either be pre-laid as part of meteor swarm based 'minefields', or can be deployed from a minelayer ship in conjunction with a Fragmentation Cloud Dispenser (FC). If a Gravitic Shepherd Buoy ('Grav Buoy') is deployed at the same time that an FCD is used, then the controlling player may choose to have the debris cloud of the FCD stop dispersing at a pre–set density (and diameter) value of his or her choice, creating a 'permanent' debris field. The grav buoy is placed in the centre of the debris field. This assumes that the modified Meteor Swarms and Debris Fields rules are in use.

Grav Buoys can be 'mineswept' fairly easily, if the sweeping vessels move slow enough – however, the debris field will only disperse slowly after they have been removed (probably taking days or even months depending upon local gravitational influences). Kra’Vak often seed their 'minefields' with additional nasty surprises – automatic Multiple Kinetic Penetrator pods, automatic defence platforms, even ambushes by hidden strike groups – after the enemy have slowed down.

The Grav Buoys are carried in a dispenser, similar to a minelayer system. The Grav Buoy symbols should be crossed off as they are deployed.

A Gravitic Shepherd Buoy Dispenser requires 1 MASS, plus 1 per Grav Buoy carried in the magazine. The points cost is equal to the MASS 5

ICON:    Gravitic Shepherd Buoy  (Dispenser with magazine holding 3 grav buoys)

COUNTER:    Grav Buoy Counter


[Charles Stanley Taylor] (gzg-list 06-Feb- 2002)

These are the Kra’Vak equivalent of the advanced and speciality fighters in Fleet Book 2, page 4. The majority of Kra’Vak Advanced and Speciality fighter function as the human equivalent, except for where overruled by the rules on Kra’Vak fighters on page 10 of Fleet Book 2, which are also assumed to apply in all cases except where noted below.


(UN codename KAR)

This is the Kra’Vak Fast fighter, it is treated as a standard Ra’San fighter, and is subject to the normal Ro’Kah effects (Fleet Book 2, page 10) but has the movement capabilities of a Fast fighter (see Fleet Book 2, page 4).

A group of 6 Da’San fighters costs a total of 24 points (4 points each).


(UN codename KIT)

This is the Kra’Vak Long–Range fighter, it is treated as a standard Ra’San fighter, and is subject to the normal Ro’Kah effects (Fleet Book 2, page 10) but has the Combat Endurance of a Long–Range fighter (see Fleet Book 2, page 4).

A Si’San fighter group costs 24 points (4 points each).


(UN Codename KUL)

The Ti’San fighter is actually a development of the Vo’San strike fighter, and can be considered the anti–fighter equivalent. The mini–MKP pack of the Vo’San is replaced by a scattergun. This scattergun is functionally identical to the standard ship–mounted one, but has its mass reduced by the removal of the traversing mechanism of the original, it is aimed by steering the whole fighter.

The role of the Ti’San is either to provide an escort to flights of Vo’San, clearing enemy fighters in preparation for their attack, or it is to function as 'roving scatterguns' within the fleet structure. Unlike Interceptors, Ti’Sans CAN attack ships, but they are much more effective at attacking fighters, missiles, or Plasma Bolts.

Each Ti’San fighter is capable of making a single attack that is identical to that of a scattergun (see Fleet Book 2, page 10), except where noted here. If the Ti’San attacks a group of fighters that are attacking a ship, it has the same chance of inadvertently hitting the ship as a scattergun used as area defence would. Once the Ti’San has made its attack, its weapon is depleted, and cannot be fired again until the Ti’San has returned to a carrier and re–armed. Unlike Torpedo fighters, the Ti’San has NO secondary armament.

Due to the nature of the Ti’San's weapon, the effect of Ro’Kah is slightly different; should a fighter group succumb to Ro’Kah, then, instead of doubling the dice rolled for the attack, +1 is added to the roll (i.e. each Ti’San will kill 1D6+1 fighters, against ships on a roll of 1 or 2 they inflict no damage, on a roll of 3 or 4 they inflict 1 DP, and on a roll of 5 or 6 they inflict 2 DP).

OPTIONAL: As the 'one–shot' nature of this fighter is especially favoured by effects Ro’Kah, the Kra’Vak tend to place particularly susceptible pilots in them, add +1 to all rolls for Ro’Kah by a flight of these fighters.

A group of Ti’San fighters costs 42 points (7 per fighter), or 48 points (8 per fighter) if the option is used.

ICON:    Ti'San Fighter Group


(UN codename KANE)

The Vo’San fighter is the Kra’Vak equivalent to a Torpedo fighter, but instead of carrying a single large missile, it is fitted with a smaller version of the Multiple Kinetic Penetrator Pack (see Fleet Book 2, page 9). The Vo’San fulfils the same anti–ship role as a Torpedo fighter.

The mini–MKP has a shorter range as less penetration than its larger, ship–mounted cousin, but is still a dangerous weapon. When fired, roll one die for each Vo’San – on a 1-3 no hits are scored, on a 4 or 5 it scores 1 hit, and on a 6 its scores 2 hits (no re–rolls). For each hit scored, the Vo’San does 3 damage points, of which the first is taken on armour (if any), and the remainder penetrate to the hull – as for a class–3 K–gun hit. Phalon layered shells have the same effect as against K–gun hits. This weapon has no effect against fighters, missiles, or plasma bolts.

Once the weapon of the Vo’San has been used, the fighter is unarmed until it has returned to a carrier and re–armed. Like the Ti’San, the Vo’San has no secondary armament.

The same Ro’Kah rules that apply to the Ti’San apply to the Vo’San, and the option for the pilots of them to be more susceptible to Ro’Kah may also be used.

A group of Vo’San fighters costs 48 points (8 per fighter), or 54 points (9 per fighter) if the option to have increased susceptibility to Ro’Kah is used.

ICON:    Vo'San Fighter Group


[Charles Stanley Taylor] (revised for 13/05/02 update) WotW #3

This is the Kra’Vak equivalent of a Needle Beam, but using a highly accurate light kinetic energy weapon rather than a highly focussed beam weapon.

In game terms, the Sniper Gun is treated exactly like a Needle Beam (see Fleet Book 1, page 7), except for its PSB. If allowed, there may also be Multi–arc and Heavy Sniper Guns.

A Sniper Gun requires the same MASS and costs the same points as the equivalent Needle Beam.

ICON:    Sniper Gun   (Sniper Gun)     Heavy Sniper Gun  (Heavy Sniper Gun)

Charles’s Original:

This is a hyper-velocity light K- gun with a very accurate targeting system, designed to target individual systems on enemy ships. It is the Kra‘Vak equivalent of the Needle Beam, and, like that weapon, requires that a fire control be dedicated to it use when it is fired.

A Sniper Gun functions in exactly like a needle beam, with one exception, it can also function as a very light anti-shipping weapon. In this fire mode, it does not require a dedicated fire control, but still only has one fire arc. At a range of 0-12 mu it hits a roll of 5+, while at 12-24 mu it hits on a roll of 6. It does one damage point, and cannot target specific systems in this mode.

The MASS of a Sniper Gun is 2, and the COST is 8.


[WotW #3] General consensus is that the Sniper Gun is over complicated and a normal Needle Beam should be used.
[Noam] I prefer the alternative, though the anti- shipping addition might be OK with higher cost.
[Oerjan] The alternative seems like the best idea... particularly if Needle beams get multi-arc options :-|.

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