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[Dean Gundberg] (Starship Combat News)

Treat Disruptors as Pulse Torpedoes except they they automatically inflict 2 Damage Points (one to armour, one to hull) if they hit.

A Disruptor covering 2 arcs of fire requires 2 MASS, while one covering 3 arcs requires 3 MASS. It has a cost of 3 points per MASS.

ICON:    Star Trek Disruptor


[Charles] I suggest that a ONE-arc Disruptor should require 2 MASS, and a THREE-arc one requires 3 MASS.


[John Leary] (GZG-L 6 May 2001)

Little information is currently available for the fighters, I suggest using the standard Full Thrust types.


[Star Fleet Battles Conversions by Alan Brain] (Alan's page) WotW #8

Treat the Gatling Phaser as a re-useable Submunitions Pack which does not ignore shields, in other words, it inflicts 3 beam dice at range 0–6 mu, 2 beam dice at 6–12 mu and 1 beam dice at 12–18 mu. It can be fired at incoming Fighters, Missiles and Plasma Torpedoes as a single Point Defence System. The Gatling Phaser still requires a Fire Control System in point defence mode.

A Gatling Phaser with 3 fire arcs requires 2 MASS, while one with 6 fire arcs requires 3 MASS. It has a cost of 3 points per MASS.

ICONS:     3–arc Gattling Phaser  (3–arc)     6–arc Gattling Phaser   (6–arc)


[Oerjan] Depending on its PD firepower it could be anything from very poor or very good. It should balance ~OK if it gets 1 PDS die or 2-3 B1 dice against fighters/missiles/plasma torps. I know I've asked Alan about it before, but can't find his reply at the moment.
[WotW #8] consensus is that it looks pretty balanced. Alternate is that it could be treated as the same mass in Class 1 Beams.


[StarFleet Battles Conversions by Alan Brain] (Alan'spage)

Treat Hellbores as Pulse Torpedoes that get to re- roll their damage dice on a 6 for extra damage.

A Hellbore Launcher requires 5 MASS, plus 2 MASS for each additional arc of fire after the first. It has a cost of 3 points per MASS.

ICON:    Hellbore


[Noam] Adjusted from original MASS 5+1/arc as per Oerjan's analysis/suggestion.


[BIF and GZG-L] (GZG-L) WotW #3

This is the ability to use beam batteries to make "called shots", i.e. target individual systems the same way that Needle Beams can.

If using the standard Fleet Book rules, a beam battery can only target a specific system if the target ship is within 6 mu. Each beam battery used to make a "called shot" must have a fire control system dedicated to its use (i.e. that fire control cannot be used for anything else that turn), and has the number of dice it rolls reduced by 1 (which has the effect of preventing Point Defence Systems or Class–1 Beam Batteries from making "called shots").

The beam damage is rolled as normal; if at least 1 die rolls a 6 AND at least 1 Damage Point penetrates to hull (i.e. at least 1 hull box is destroyed) then the target system is destroyed, as if it had been hit by a Needle Beam. All other rules that apply to Needle Beams apply to beam batteries used in this way.


[StarFleet Battles Conversions by Alan Brain] (Alan'spage)

The Star Fleet Battles / Star Trek Plasma Torpedo is treated similarly to a Salvo Missile Launcher with infinite reloads.

A Class X Plasma Launcher can fire the equivalent of X Salvos at a range of 0–12 mu, X-1 salvos at 12–24 mu, X- 2 at 24–36 mu, and so on. A Class X launcher can be fired every X turns at full strength, but it may be fired at a lesser strength, with a greater rate of fire, if it is fired at strength X-1, it can be fired every X-1 turns, or if it was fired at strength X-2, it can be fired every X-2 turns.

A Plasma Torpedo Launcher takes up a MASS of 4 times the class of the launcher. The points cost is 3 points per MASS.

Star Fleet Battles Plasma Torpedoes convert to these Plasma Torpedoes as shown on the table below:

Star Fleet Battles
Plasma Torpedo Type
Full Thrust
F 1
G 2
S 3
R 4

EXAMPLE: A Star Fleet Battles Type R Plasma Torpedo therefore translates into a Class 4 Full Thrust Plasma Torpedo Launcher with a MASS of 16, and a cost of 48 points. Every 4 turns, it can fire a single Plasma Torpedo the equivalent of 4 Salvos at 0–12 mu range, 3 at 12–24 mu range, 2 at 24–36 mu, or 1 at 36–48 mu. Instead, it may fire as a Class 3 Plasma Torpedo Launcher, and fire the equivalent of 3 Salvos at 0–12 mu, 2 at 12–24 mu and so on every 3 turns. Similarly, it may fire as a Class 2 or Class 1 Plasma Torpedo Launcher after the appropriate delay.

In general, all the rules regarding Salvo Missiles apply, with the following exceptions:

ICON (example):     Plasma Torpedo  (Class–3)


[Noam] Class sizes may be better served as Beam Class sizes with the number of other restrictions on the weapon. Larger classes might have larger radius of effect, say 6 mu for class 1 +1 mu per each class higher. Plasma Torpedoes should be targeted as the firer chooses (as MT missiles) rather than by closest ship in range as Salvo Missiles)
[Oerjan] This was one of the prototypes for the Phalon PBL, but was discarded by Jon T. because of the quite impressive amounts of record keeping required. Significant for FT that is, not for SFB. The balance seems OK though.

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