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[Decoys] -[Stealth Hull]


[Brian Bell/Bif Smith] (Cygnus BYOF/GZG-L 5 April, 2001)

A Decoy is a defensive system that is designed to distract enemy attacks away from the ship that launched it.

A decoy is launched during Phase 1) WRITE ORDERS and starts at the same point as the launching ship. The Decoy(s) move and are displayed like normal ships until exposed by taking damage, when they become useless. Each Decoy has 3 turns of endurance from the point at which it is launched. Once a Decoy has exhausted its endurance, it ceases to function.

Each Decoy requires 4 MASS and costs 20 points.

ICON:    decoy

COUNTER:    Decoy Counter


[Noam Izenberg] (NIFT-Midbar Ghostworks) WOTW #11

This system is found in the Defences: E.C.M. Systems section.

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