New Israel Timeline

The New Israel timeline is designed to be Canon compatible - From FT & SG rulebooks, and influenced by SFSFW's SemFed timeline. Any additions that are not stricly canon (new nations or technologies) are noted in brown. "Future" events (depending on time reference are in red.

10/27/2004 This timeline is now updated to be compatible with the Alpha test version of GZG's New Israeli fleet.


2027 April 23; Destruction of the State of Israel by Islamic terrorist action. Nuclear devices destroy Tel Aviv, Haifa, and most shocking to the world, Jerusalem. Biological weapons unleashed across the country kill additional millions within Israel and the surrounding nations.
2028 Fallout from the Israeli devastation renders most of Jordan and parts of Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia uninhabitable.
2029 Formation of the Gilderstein Foundation is welcomed by few. World Jewry is still in shock and mourning. Many fear the final destruction of the people and culture is inevitable. The other Judeo-Christian faiths are still reeling from the loss of innumberable holy sites and history .
2032 The Gilderstein Foundation purchases an island off the Philippines and, with technical/financial support from Japan and other capital and technology ventures, embarks on a series of directed research programs ranging from environmental control and decontamination, to energy production and storage, to space engineering and FTL physics. Over the next decade many of the finest scientific minds on Earth are invited to join projects and collaborations. After a slow start, the Foundation builds a first class reputation.
2042 With world Jewry in ongoing crisis, a small group of religious and social leaders slowly and painfully begin an attempt to comfort and re-unify a broken people. Among them are representatives of most major branches of Judaism, organized by a council of Rabbis and led by Yitzchak Avital (US), Efraim Feinberg (EC), Sarah Mendelovich (US), Daniel Cohen (Russia).
2048 On the 100th anniversary of Yom Ha'atzmaut (Old Israel's independence day), a heavily armed contingent of Jewish radicals led by David Ben-Arieh, grandson of a WW-II concentration camp survivor, "retake Israel" by occupying the radioactive wastes in and between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. They intend to keep the homeland occupied until the inevitable return from what they call the Third Exodus. The community survives with private funding and silent sponsorship from other world governments, some of whom feel a debt of guilt, others a strategic opportunity. Some supply money, some arms and technology to combat the harsh conditions and rehabilitate ruins. Quiet, but significant words are spoken to the surrounding Arab states from several major powers discouraging harassment of the remaining Israelis. A ragged Jewish community clings to the symbolism as a hope of rebuilding what was destroyed.
2049 Chaiah Schwartz, an ancient revolutionary who fought in the War of Independence in 1948 and survived the destruction in 2027, dies in the first resettlement bunker near Petach Tikvah at age 116 She is the last known individual to have witnessed the "complete" history of the state of Israel.
2050 The Philippines are conquered by Indonesia and assimilated into the new Indonesian Commonwealth: Japanese naval units act to protect the Gilderstein Foundation's installation from Indonesian aggression. The Foundation gains credibility and support of the world community with the initiation of construction of an "experimental facility" in L5 orbit. Hopes of the people begin to gain focus and momentum.
2059 The Gilderstein Foundation's L5 Lab disappears from orbit.
2062 The Foundation reveals the true nature of the disappearance of the L5 Lab and explains the mysterious transmissions from Pluto's orbit the previous year. Almost lost in the other international scientific and political turmoil caused by the revelation, the hopes of a people soar, and debate rages as the prospect of finding a new homeland is raised. "Finally, we are arguing again." - Sarah Mendelovich
2063 The first trans-stellar probe is launched to (and returns from) Barnard's Star.
2067 The Gilderstein Foundation sends the first crewed FTL mission out of the Solar System.
2087 Epsilon Indi and its planetary system are surveyed, revealing the third planet - Gan - to be a garden world. A new firestorm of debate within The Jewish community begins, culminating with the decision to attempt a colonial venture.
2094 Construction begun on the first Eden Class colony ship.
2096 Founding of "New Israel" on Gan. "We will make it our paradise - Our new Eden" - Maxine Eisen, Expedition Leader
2103 Habitable moons discovered in the CD-36ºB013940 system (a binary named Naveh and Miksam Shav – Oasis and Mirage) by Jewish explorers. Orbiting the gas giant Goliat, the two colonies are named Metzada (a forest moon) and Yafo (an ocean moon) respectively. Gehenem, an Io-like moon in close orbit around Goliat, is rich in resources, but hazardous to exploit.
2118 Jewish settlers and terraform/agricultural experimentalists colonize the harsh desert planet discovered in the Sabra system (CD-49ºB013515) and name it Midbar
2120 A mix of predominantly orthodox communities band together to establish a colony on a temperate world in the CD-36ºB015693 system. They  name the star Netzach (Eternity) and the colony Tzfat.
2126 The colony on Tzfat (population ~50,000) is overwhelmed and destroyed by Islamic forces.
2127 One hundred years after the effective destruction of Israel, the New Israel government pledges a "never-ending war" against the Islamic Federation.  The war is largely the province of the New Israeli intelligence and special forces, but Rabbi Avraham Yoffe's public statement that the Jewish state would take each and every opportunity to avenge the destruction of their original homeland (and now the colony of Tzfat) marked the start of Operation Yericho, during which New Israeli Interface and Airborne units assaulted and destroyed several Islamic bases in the Inner Colonies.
2130 Shi'ite fundamentalists declare independence from the Islamic Federation on their Outworld settlements of Abu Haman and Sad Al Bari. The two colonies declare the formation of the Saeed Khalifate. The Khalifate proxiity (and hostility) to New Israel is not accidental.
2131 NI provides troops and naval units to aid the IC against the LLAR in the "Mercenary War". NI mercenaries clash with Islamic Federation mercenary units in a Coreworld operation despite both having been hired by the IC. Both parties' contracts are revoked.
First Solar War – NI mercenary groups aid several parties. IF and NI forces skirmish along trade routes that skirt war zones. 
2140 Rumors surface regarding a supership under construction in a secret location. Its purpose is unknown, though sometimes it is associated with the name "Shilum” (retribution). Sources differ - some deny its existence, some swear they have seen the construction facility, others believe it is a false lead away from other secret projects, and still others believe it is a disinformation campaign designed by enemies of the state to stir up distrust of NI. 
Second Solar War – NI stays out, but supplies mercenaries to various parties. Indecisive conflicts with IF and SK ships are commonplace. Despite these frequent military clashes, New Israel, after decades of struggle, is gaining stability. With other nations seeming less stable with the passing years, and with the liberal New Law of Return, immigration to New Israel from the Jewish communities of Earth and the Inner Colonies increases dramatically during the war.
2158 After over 30 years of antagonism and countless 'incidents,'  none of which come close to destroying the IF or its power, and few of which make New Israel any more secure, New Israel's  so-called 'Vengeance Government' is thrown out by a series of no-confidence votes and landslide elections which bring to power the new ‘Security Government’ that is still in place at present. Operation Yericho is closed. New policy promotes, among other things, keeping NI and IF (and SK) far from each other, and fighting mainly in defense. Some of Yoffe's followers, including a few elements of the military and intelligence communities, disappear soon after, taking with them sensitive information and several ships and interface craft. As a group, the Yoffim are tried in absentia as traitors to the state and declared interstellar outlaws. 
2159 The Year of Recovery. Several census organizations estimate that the total interstellar Jewish population passes the pre-World War II levels. The population of Old Israel is around 30,000 predominantly religious inhabitants, growing very slowly as land is decontaminated and reclaimed one hectare at a time.
Pirate Yoffim harass SK shipping and colonies, working to destabilize Islamic economies and politics. Unconfirmed rumors within NI hint that the outlaws receive secret funds and materiel through Israeli intelligence. 
2164 During the IntraArabian war a small SK colony on CD-37ºB015492, populated mainly by the descendents of the displaced Jordanian population and the least fanatic of the Khalifate's population, breaks away from the SK and renames itself New Jordan. New Jordan becomes an economic, and sometimes political ally of New Israel. In following years, NI military vessels are seen in joint maneuvers with the NJ defense force. 
2165 Third Solar War begins. An attempt to recapture New Jordan is defeated. The SK force sent expecting to encounter a small local defense fleet, is instead decimated by  a combined NJ/NI defending force. The victory is credited to advanced intelligence gathered by NI’s Mossad, but rumors persist that a crucial tipoff came from sources within the Islamic Federation. 
2166 The Third Solar War escalates. Mercenary forces from New Israel are hired by the NAC and NSL.
2167 The Yoffim raid a New Jordanian convoy under NI protection. The skirmish results in small but definite losses on both sides and is the only time the Yoffim come into direct military conflict with NI forces. Visible Yoffite activity ceases after this incident.
2170 Long dissatsified with a fleet of secondhand cruisers, refits, and conversions, Tzahal's lobbying efforts for a native New Israeli force finally wins enough minds in the Knesset. A comprehensive, unified fleet development plan is approved by the defense administration.
2173 With major allies distracted by the escalating Third Solar War, the fundamentalist controlled and unified Sayeed Khalifate launches an assault on February 18 against New Israel with the sole goal of rendering the planet Gan uninhabitable. The SK force is turned back at the cost of 2/3 of the NI fleet. Not a single ortillery shell or enemy landing craft makes planetfall on New Israel. The tide of the battle is ultimately turned when the Yoffim, not seen for over five years, jump deep in-system and open a new battle line to the flank and rear of the attackers. The hulking Shilum makes its first and only appearance in combat, crippling three opposing capital ships before being destroyed in the final melee.
A series of unclaimed assassinations of Khalifate leaders associated with the attack follow over the next year. NI recalls most mercenary units, and calls in political and military ‘favors’ in an effort to rebuild its defenses quickly. NI policy towards SK now focuses on denying the it the ability to make war on NI, classifying most Khalifate FTL capable tugs and all FTL military ships of Destroyer class and higher as imminent security threats. 
2174 In a public tribunal, the surviving Yoffim are convicted of various crimes short of treason and then pardoned. They are accepted back into NI society as heroes of the Homeland War. 
2175 The two largest SK space construction facilities are destroyed by fast-striking, New Israeli raiders, marking the first appearances of the native Kashat, and Maccabee cruiser classes. The general election this year sees moderate gains by the N'kam party, surprisingly smaller than expected. Bitachon's coalition of support grows as well, strengthening its control of the Knesset.
2177 Prototype Yerushalayim Cruiser makes its shakedown cruise. Full scale production begins in two years.
2178 Incident at Gl 915, NI hunter killer group discovers and engages an injured IF tender and her complement of warships. The tender is destroyed and the NI ships disengage with moderate loses
2183 FT/FB1 present.
2184 Jan. 26, a convoy raid by Sayeed Khalifate ships outside Naveh system employs a full cruiser/destroyer group. The engagement initiates a review of deep space patrol, convoy, and hunter doctrine. Fear of increased SK aggression blends with escalation of the Kra'Vak hostilities to spike Naval production. The first Long Range Pulse Torpedoes are mounted on new capital ship classes coming out of the NI naval docks.
2185 The Third Solar War sputters into the  Intersentinent, or "Xeno" War.
2187 After replenishing most defense fleets from the losses of the Homeland war, NI leases some of its ship construction capabilities to the major powers gearing up to fight the Kra’vak incursion.  Stealth hull research program initiated at Midbar "ghostworks."
2188 The Battleship Dayan and a small contingent from the Deep Range Escort Fleet  join the multinational force for expected first contact rendezvous with the "Sa'Vasku."
2190 The first experimental stealth-hulled cruiser - the Maccabee-S undergoes "live" tests.
2191 Kra'Vak expeditionary forces are turned back at Sabra (barely, with the aid of Japanese forces) and Gan (decisively). Casualties of the Sabra conflict include some of the last foreign constructed capital ships in the fleet; the CVL Diaspora (NAC Inflexible conversion) is destroyed and the BB Meir (NSL Maria Von Borgund) is severely damaged and scrapped. The active New Israeli fleet is almost exclusively native at this time.
2192 A minor New Israel-Islamic Federation skirmish is jumped by Kra'Vak raiders, who attack both sides indiscriminantly. The KV destroy half of both human forces and are pursuing the remnants when the Phalons arrive and attack the Kra'vak. The Phalons gain the upper hand and start to barter/ransom the initial combatants for which side they will join in the original conflict. Before negotiations are complete, a Sa'Vasku force shows up and destroys all fleets in the vicinity. Sept. 18, first full scale 'war game' with NAC using stealth tecnology.
2193 Feb 22, The Kravak interrupt delicate negotiations between NI, the Islamic Federation, and the UN uncomfortably near Sol system. The UN loses the SDN-X Neptune to a combination of sabotage and the KV assault. A well timed beam barrage from the IF prevents certain destruction of the CE Yehuda in the conflagration. In the wake of this event and New Israel and the Islamic Federation begin normalization of relations. The Sayeed Khalifate does not participate.
New Israel, with Gan (E-Indi) located closer to the Core Worlds than many of the Inner Colonies, agrees to coordinate a significant portion of its deep-space and assault forces with the UNSC to join defense of the Core.
2194 FB2 Present. Siege of Earth.

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