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NI's NI (Noam Izenberg's New Israel)

Sabra-CG 240k

Paint test, Not quite complete
Maccabee-01 56k
Maccabee-01 other views48k

Islamic Federation fleet additions:
FT 1006 - Islamic Light Cruiser 2.00 each
FT 1011 - Islamic Heavy Battleship (Battledreadnought) 6.00 each
FT 1006 52k
FT 1006 Aft view 28k

New NSL classes:
FT 522 - NSL Strikeboat (pack of 3) 1.50 per pack
FT 525 - NSL "new construction" Destroyer, Brocken class (pack of 2) 2.50 per pack
FT 522 and FT 525 68k
FT 525 Side view 36k

New NAC class:
FT - 102B NAC new Scoutship (pack of 3) 1.50 per pack.
FT 522 and FT 102B 52k

New Israeli Space Defence Force ships:
FT 1501 - New Israeli light fighters, Kfir class (pack of 6)* 1.00 per pack
FT 1505 - New Israeli Destroyers, Tzayad class (pack of 2) 2.50 per pack
FT 1507 - New Israeli Escort/Patrol Cruiser, Maccabee class 2.50 each
FT 1510 - New Israeli Battleship, Sabra class 5.00 each
FT 1510 Sabra 48k
FT 1510 Top view 72k
FT 1510 Side view 56k
FT 1510 Aft view 32k
FT 1507 Maccabee, FT 1505 Tzayad 56k
FT 1507, FT 1505 Aft Top view 48k
FT 1507, FT 1505 Top view 60k
FT 1507, FT 1510, FT 1505 group 84k
*Note: the Kfir is actually the "not-Viper" Jon's been talking about....

MechBoys vs. RoboDad
The MechBoys 64K
RoboDad 88K
Lasers + PowerSword = 13 Dice 60K
Good Shot 88K
Dad jumps behind 92K
Contemplating the next move 68K
Moving in for the slugout 64K
Multigun = Multihits 56K
RoboDad down 88K
The Damage 44K

Admiral Zev (5.75) and Fleet 144K
Admiral Dad (36.003) and Fleet 44K
Passing Attack - Advantage Dad 144K
Another #%^$#@ Reroll - Advantage Zev 32K

Canis Republic (Zev-Painted Minis)
DN view 1 (SFB Romulan DN) 104k
DN view 2 (SFB Romulan DN) 44K
DN view 3 (SFB Romulan DN) 80K
FF1 view 1 (GZG (new) IF FF) 24K
FF1 view 2 (GZG (new) IF FF) 24K
FF2 view 1 (GZG (new) KV FF) 20K
FF2 view 2 (GZG (new) KV FF) 20K
Ze'ev DD (Brigade) 48K

Felix Confederation (Benj's fleet)
Felix Fleet vew 1 (GZG Japanese) 336K
Felix Fleet vew 2 (GZG Japanese) 588K
Felix Fleet vew 3 (GZG Japanese) 616K

Actuarial Nightmares
Drifter Raider (Brigade) 36K
Iceberg Pirate Cruiser (Brigade) 44K
Icepack Pirate Hauler (Brigade) 44K
Iceberg and Drifter Catlike Tread (Brigade) 44K
The Nightmares - Pirates or Privateers? (Brigade) 128K

Knights Astral
Arthur - King class BC (Brigade) 84K
Gawaine - Knight class DH (Brigade) 76K
The Knights Astral view 1 (Brigade) 392K
The Knights Astral view 2 (Brigade) 220K

L-7 Interstellar
"6-Pack" Modular Freighter view 1 (Brigade) 72K
"6-Pack" Modular Freighter view 2 (Brigade) 72K
"Quadrupole" Modular Freighter view 1 (Brigade) 36K
"Quadrupole" Modular Freighter view 2 (Brigade) 116K
A Group of L-7 Freighters - 6-Pack, Quadrupole, Deuces (all Brigade), Bulk Freighter (Silent Death?) 128K
A Group of L-7 Freighters, View 2. How did that Icepack get in there? 308K

Mac Menagerie Brigade minis I'm using for Full Thrust New Israeli Maccabee Class CE's until Official GZG minis for NI come out.
Standard Maccabee (Blue); Mac-E ADFC Escort (Green); Mac-O Semi-organic hull (Blue-Green); Mac-K (red) experimental K-gun refit
Maccabee Menagerie (Brigade) 212K

The Thousand Nations
Didgeridoo BB and two Coyote FF's View 1 (Brigade) 136K
Didgeridoo BB and two Coyote FF's View 2 (Brigade) 88K

Four Cruisers - 2xD7 (SFB), Tholian (SFB), NAC Vandenburg (GZG) 424K
SFB Lyran CA View 1 52K
SFB Lyran CA View 2 52K

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