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For Immediate Release
Sept 15, 2192

Fire Control Technology Breakthrough to Aid Defense of Core Systems

(Gan Shloshim, Midbar, New Israel) -- RAFAEL/ROKAR Interstellar in cooperation with Midbar Skunkworks announce development of a new graviton wave compensation coil that offsets the distorting and defocusing effects of high performance grav-drives on major weapon systems.

A Shot From the Back -- The new Grav Compensation Fire Control (GCFC) enables heavy, anti-ship weapons such as the standard Tuffley Particle Beam Projectors (commonly referred to as Beams) or the UNSC's Pulsed Terajoule Obliteration Reaction Plasma Energy Delivery Ordinance (Pulse TORPEDO or P-Torp), to fire, albeit at reduced effectiveness, through the aft arcs of maneuvering ships even at high thrust. Until now, the distortions created by the graviton drives of standard and military-grade starships have always prevented accurate fire while maneuvering. Exploiting this "hole" in a ships' offensive capabilities is a standard tactic in deep-space combat, but no faction in any of humanity's three "Solar Wars" has been as effective in its application as the uncannily agile Kra'Vak fleets. It has become common knowledge that the heavier, less maneuverable capital elements of the various human fleets are at greater risk form the alien threats than ever before. This new system may go a long way to plugging that hole.

Available to All -- RRI spokesperson Elana Shimron described the new system as "designed to give slower capital ships improved effectiveness against the superior maneuverability of alien drives," most notably the hostile Kra'Vak currently engaged in a major offensive into the heart of Human Space. Shimron adds, "In light of the grave threat to humanity as a whole, regardless of political or other affiliations, posed by Xeno-forces [RRI] is making the complete designs and specs of the [GCFC] available to all  governments in human-controlled space."

Come And Get It - Quickly! -- New Israel Defense Force officials have contacted and urged interested governments to get in touch with their nearest New Israel Consulate to arrange military escort to Midbar for obtaining plans and sample materials. As per UNSC Directive A90-764, given the increasing frequency and violence of Kra'Vak incursions towards the core, no sensitive military/technological information will be transmitted over interplanetary distances, regardless of encryption. Complete GCFC packages are available for purchase (at-cost until the current invasion crisis is over) from RAFAEL/ROKAR, and production has shifted into high gear after successful preliminary flight tests. A production facility is also under rapid construction in Earth orbit, to be dedicated to Core System defense. Refit time depends on ship class and configuration, and re-configuration of standard armaments may add to the time required. Already there has been concern raised that GCFC technology, while useful, may be "too little, too late" to help in the defense of the Core. That remains to be seen.

"Never Stand Behind An Angry Mule" - Shimron relates that this phrase became the development team's motto as the focusing coil technology came to fruition, piece by piece. "We hope this small contribution will help give all humanity the edge it needs as [the Xeno-War] continues to increase in intensity."


RAFAEL/ROKAR Interstellar is New Israel's largest military ship contractor, producing, among others, the Yericho class Battlecruiser, Zva'ah class Frigate, and (in collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan) the Maccabee/Ronin Escort Cruiser and Sharon/Samurai Light Cruiser.

Midbar Skunkworks is a top secret Israeli laboratory and test area located somewhere in the Avnet Sabra (the main asteroid belt of the Sabra system). The only secrets more heavily guarded than its location are the details of its many research projects.

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