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    Tzayad (Aleph 1) and Ben Yehuda (Aleph 3) open fire. GIF is 126k. JPG is 25k.
    Ben Gurion throws a warning shot. GIF is 100k. JPG is 17k.
    "Incident at Gl 915" Sharons of the Tzayadei Rishonim come under attack near Gl 915, August 29, 2178. As the Beit Lechem is destroyed, companions Yafo and Zefa return fire. GIF  is 108k. JPG is 26k.
    "Karchon Patrol" A shlish ("shleesh"; triad or triplet) of Even class corvettes patrol near Karchon. Left to right are the group's Even, Mikla'at, and Shoter. GIF is 43k. JPG is 11k.
    "Tzion Maneuvers" The three Tzion class carriers together on maneuvers. New Israel's largest ship classes have the same designation letter (Tzadi for the carriers) and are distinguished by color. Foreground shows the Herzl in red, then the Weizman (blue) and the Chalutz Chalal (green). A number of escorting fighter groups are deployed. GIF is 381k. JPG is 67k.
    "Out of the Sun" Tzfat and Yerushalayim cruisers strike out of the local star. Clockwise from Noon: Tel Aviv (Gimmel 4),  Tzfat (Bet 0), Yerushalayim (Gimmel 2), and Be'er Sheva (Bet 1). GIF is 127k. JPG is 17k.
    "Xeno Raid" Rabin and escorts take on alien raiders. GIF is 155k. An expanded scene (233k) is viewable HERE. JPG is 62k.
    "Strafing Run" Two Galil destroyers and a Dvora frigate evade fire while strafing an asteroid industrial complex. GIF is 139k. JPG is 21k.
    "Fighter Launch" The Natanya (class name - Kuf 1) CA-V launches fighter group Tzchok Mtoraf GIF is 121k. JPG is 21k.
    "Hunters Engage" The Tzayadei S'arot skirmish with raiders. Kineret class very light carriers launch supporting fighter groups as the CA-V Herzlia (Kuf-4) charges by at full thrust escorted by its own fighter group.  GIF is 191k. JPG is 24k.
    "Racing the Comet" Representatives of seven fighter groups fly in formation by a local comet.  GIF is 192k. JPG is 36k
    "Intervention" The invitation to the UN-mediated summit stipulated: "UN Fleet Command guarantees safety and security of all parties. Partisan escorts are unnecessary and forbidden beyond inbound jump coordinates." Only New Israel and the Islamic Federation would send ambassadorial delegations in combat ready battleships. The UN Sol Class SDN-X Antares is quickly dispatched to diffuse the staring contest and escort both parties to the bargaining table. Another inauspicious beginning to the next negotiation cycle. GIF is 239k. JPG is 36k.
    "Dreyfus Rendezvous" The Dreyfus meets up with Tzi Chalal Aleph in the Avnet Indi. GIF is 93k. JPG is 20k
    "En Route" The CVL Gavish being escorted to take its place in Tzi Chalal Bet by two Sharrett Destroyers. GIF is 210k. JPG is 36k.
    "Dueling Battlecruisers" The Barak and Ben Arieh and a Sharret clash with a pair of Kra'Vak Ko'Vols and a Si'Tek during the defense of Gan in 2191. KV images adapted from GZG catalog and Agis Neugebauer's gallery. GIF is 280k. JPG is 54k.
    "Assault Force" A Merkava and two Shafrirs prepare for entry and landing operations. GIF is 231k. JPG is 46k.
    "Descent" Assault force approaches target. Adaptive camouflage mimics ambient lighting and color schemes. GIF is 164k. JPG is 24k.
    "Target Practice" Ships from The Thousand Nations Defensive Force train using target drones simulating a variety of potential agressors Left to right are the Thunderbird, Raven, and Spear Class Sharp Quill Thrower (names translated from several Native American languages). GIF is 166k. JPG is 34k.


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